Borneo Trading Post was set up and dedicated to showcasing the inspiration of the diverse peoples and cultures of the mysterious and exotic island of Borneo. In our mascot and icon, Borneo Bob, we have embodied what we believe to be the nature, spirit and often, rascally personality of the Borneo folk. We have created an image of Bob incorporated this icon into the logo of our brand and products. Following Bob’s precepts, we have created an outlet to celebrate the nature, adventure, art and craft of Borneo and, by incorporating his image into our products, have created a talisman to invoke the blessings and guidance of Borneo Bob to all our customers. In addition to the line of adventure gear and garb inspired by our mascot, we seek to expound the products, wares, arts, crafts, mythologies and beliefs of the tribes of Borneo. We have created an outlet whereby the peoples of Borneo have an opportunity to trade and showcase their wares. On our part, we comb the countryside in search of quality products that integrate and highlight Borneo’s resources while maintaining the respect for nature and of the indigenous people. At the same time, occasionally, we modify those products to suit the tastes of our discerning customers.

Due to popular demand we have established a second outlet – Straits Trading Post – in Penang but maintain much of our philosophy and product range in that outlet.

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