If you want something different en good quality go to this shop. A lot of wooden products. The service is good and they wrap your souvenirs very good. Don’t forget to take a vanille milkshake. They are fantastic.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This place was fine. Very nice people working there. And it’s about the only place where I was genuine crafts work from the country. I’m so specific in what I look for that I’m not a great critic, but this is the place to go for any kind of souvenirs.

Terry D
Los Angeles, California

We just happened to come across the store and I stopped in to check it out. In addition to the books, there are numerous local arts/crafts. We bought a painting and some carved wooden pieces here. The prices are reasonable and the staff is nice. Enjoy!

Kyle H

At every turn there is a new and perfect little gem to love and admire to purchase for a memory of Borneo. I left w/ monkey dangle earrings, a stuffed proboscis monkey, & a perfect new painting for my beach cottage. There is a lot to see so don’t go in w/ just a few moments of window shopping in mind.

San Diego, California

Was at the waterfront bars many times before noticing this shop. Went in just to get some air conditioning and have a look. KK isn’t covered in touristy trinket shops like say, Ubud in Bali. This was the only tourist shop we noticed in KK. But for a touristy shop. It seems a step up. As I wasn’t really shopping, just having a look, I only bought some Pocket T’s that were an amazing price. I felt cotton shirts in all the malls there, and they were all very thin cotton. I felt the T-shirts there prepared to be underwhelmed. And I was shocked that they were good thick cotton. As good as I’ve ever had. They were less than $3 US. So I bought a few. But as I said, even though I didn’t buy anything else, it was a step up from many tourist trinket shops elsewhere.

Denver, Colorado

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